[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1) Sprint speed will be increased by 10%. 1) L1 will be coached to 1 person ...

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1) スプリント速度を10%向上させる

1) L1を1人指導する(L1以上の成果を確保する)。

1) L2を2人指導する(L2以上の成果を出すこと)
2) L3メンバーの定着率100%を維持する。

1) 希望する技術カンファレンスに1回参加する
2) サークルで社外の開発者とのミートアップに2回参加する ( Suggestion : ReactやAWSの面白いコミュニティーに参加する。)
3) TECHチームのために、最近学んだことや取り組んだことについて、2つのTF技術ブログを書く。

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1) Sprint speed will be increased by 10%.
1) L1 will be coached to 1 person (to ensure success of L1 and above)
1) L2 will be coached to 2 people (to show success of L2 and above)
2) To maintain 100% of retention rate of L3 members.

1) Join the technical conference that you want once.
2) Join meetups with developers outside the company in the circle twice. (Suggestion: Join the interesting community of React and AWS etc.)
3) For the TECH team, write 2 TF technical blogs regarding what you have recently learned.
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1) Increase sprint speed by 10

1) Mentor one L1 (to ensure L1 or better results).

1) Mentor two L2 members (to achieve L2 or better)
2) Maintain 100% retention of L3 members.

1) Attend one technical conference of their choice
2) Attend 2 meetups with outside developers in your circle ( Suggestion : join an interesting community for React or AWS.)
3) Write 2 TF technical blogs for the TECH team about what you have recently learned or worked on.
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