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メーカーからの購入金額が分かりません。メーカーからの値引きは、きちんと利益に反映して頂けるようにお願いします。本来 関西で商品の仕分けする予定でしたが、スペースが確保できず、関東で作業する事になりました。到着スケジュールの変更やパッキング内容が違った為、作業費用が増えました。お客さんはメールと電話だけだと興味があるブランド以外の話以外に回答して頂けません。日々お客さんの需要も変わりますので、きちんと時間を作って商談する事が必要だと思います。通関する為に不足している事が多い。

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- Posted at 19 Apr 2024 at 09:32
I haven't received the amount for the purchase from the manufacturer yet. For the manufacturer's discount, please reply with the exact profit. Originally, the sorting of items is to be done in Kansai, but this work should be done in Kanto instead due to the space issue. The cost of the tasks has increased due to a change in the arrival schedule or due to a difference in the contents of the packages. Customers don't respond to anything other than the brands they are interested in if it is done by email or phone. As the demand of customers changes day by day, it is important to have a business meeting with plenty of time to create. It is likely to be short because of customs clearance.
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- Posted at 19 Apr 2024 at 09:32
We do not know the purchase price from makers. We would like to ask you to reflect the discout from makers to the profit. Originally, we were scheduled to sort items in the western Japan, but we could not keep the space for sorting, so we are now planned to do in the eastern Japan. The operational cost has increased due to the change in arrival schedule and mis-packaging. Our customer often will not talk about the brand they are not interested in only through emails and phone-callings. The demand from customers changes from day to day, so we think it necessary to have some time to discuss this matter. There are too many things missing for customer clearance.
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- Posted at 19 Apr 2024 at 09:39
We don't understand how much the cost of the supplier is. Could you please reflect the discount price from the supplier?
There was no space to be secured at Kansai so we are working on product sorting at Kanto. Cost of operation increased due to the arriving schedule change, the content of packing change etc. The client will not be answering to the topic except the brands which they are interested in if it's just us emailing and calling. It is very important to make appointment and have a business meeting since the clients demand changes day by day. There are so many things lacking for clearance.


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