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Translation / English
- Posted at 19 Feb 2024 at 09:18
**Attention!** This product is a replacement blade exclusively for item number A-102. It cannot be used with cutters from other manufacturers or cutters made in China.

This is an exclusive item for this product. It cannot be fitted to products from other companies due to size incompatibility. Please be cautious.

No warranty is provided for purchases made by mistake. Also, please do not forcibly fit this replacement blade onto cutters from other companies. We cannot guarantee against damages to the product in such cases.
Rating 52
Translation / English
- Posted at 19 Feb 2024 at 09:21
Take note! This item is a replacement blade that can only be used with item number A-102. Cutters manufactured in China or by other manufacturers are not compatible with it.

This is exclusive to this particular product. It cannot be attached to products made by other companies because they do not have the size. Please be careful.

If something is mistakenly purchased, there is no warranty available. Furthermore, do not force this replacement blade onto a cutter made by another company. In these situations, we cannot guarantee against product damage.


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