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米国税関でFDAまたはBTAを申請する必要がある場合があります。その場合、荷受人様のご対応が必要です。 UPSを有料でリクエストして、代わりに申請することができます。
追加費用の例:FDA申請費用は25ドル、BTA検査費用は10ドル。 米国を含むすべての国から購入したお客様向け。
Translated by steveforest
I confirmed and approved the payment of additional.

To all the customers purchased in the US.
The application of FDA or BTA at the customs in the US may be necessary. In this case, the recipient may require the procedure. By requesting UPS at a charge, the proxy application may be possible.
Example of additional expenses: 25 dollars for the application of FDA and 10 dollars for the inspection by BTA.
To all the customers purchased from overseas including the US.
The payment of the tariffs or handling when receiving items overseas is subject to apply depending upon the rules of the country.
These payments are decided by each country, therefore, we are not allowed to halt these activities.

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