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[Translation from Japanese to English ] A company is well organized. By only asking, it has achieved the 2019's aim. ...

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私が販売しているのは研修イベントです。研修イベントは物理的な会場のキャパシティーに制限されますので、数値目標以上のキャパシティーを用意していなかったのです その後は、マネージャーは私に対して販売をせずに以下にお客様を怒らせることなく購入を止めてもらうか交渉するように言いました。



Translated by setsuko-atarashi
A company is well organized. By only asking, it has achieved the 2019's aim.

I entered the firm with sales, I am worrying about its lowering sales power by corresponding with this system.

Also, about September last year, as it achieved its aim for 2019, my manger asked me not to sell any more than this.

What I sell is a study event. As study event is limited to physical revenue capacity, it was not prepared more the its aim value for the capacity.
Later on, the manager told me to stop purchasing by negotiation without the customers getting angry.

Then I though, it would be poor in development to go on as career to stop purchasing negotiation even though it is a sales.

Therefore, as my sales base, I wanted to choose to power up for sales, I changed my job.

And, I apply it based on venturous and powerful firms with product originarity.

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