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Translated by kamitoki
1. This program aims to make students learn the knowledge and expertise related to the research and development that our company owns currently or the methods and technique of designing, production, testing, experimentation, analysis, assessment etc related to research and development.
2. We have requested that the following persons be accepted to be trainable for your company's program.
3. Please write our company's employee names that you would like to instruct.
4. You can use a separate sheet.
5. With this program you will be able to instruct on our company's accomplishments, techniques, methods etc. but you cannot instruct on your own paper or research.
6. After the student is accepted in the program, it is necessary that the results of the MOU, their vow, and a copy of their insurance policy be submitted 1 day before they are scheduled to be accepted.
8. The private information that is written will only be used for acceptance of the student by our company and when necessary in the instruction after acceptance.

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