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[Translation from English to Japanese ] 1) I do have it but won´t sell it to be honest. It is never been reissued an...

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1) I do have it but won´t sell it to be honest.
It is never been reissued and 50 Euro is a fair price, I think.
I ´ve seen copies selling for 80 to 100 Euro.
Kind regards,Henning.

2) Thank you for your payment i will let you know once its in the mail .

3) Really good news, Terry.
I can recommend the Stuart Marson album "Night Falls..." released on the Sweet Folk label in the UK in 1975.
I guess you already have it in your collection, right ?
All the best,Henning
steveforest Translated by steveforest
1. 私は確かにそれを持ってはいますが、販売するつもりは正直ありません。
Sweet Folkレーベルから1975年イギリスでリリースされたStuart Marsonのアルバム"Night Falls..."をお勧めします。ひょっとして、これは既にお持ちでしょうか?では失礼します。ヘニング。

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