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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I won't purchase the product then sell it therefore I can't sign the contract...

kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
I won't purchase the product then sell it therefore I can't sign the contract. I will tell you the contact details of the customer who wants to purchase your company's product so please talk to us directly about the transaction. If we look at the contract details and have no problem with it we will sign. However, if the details of the stock and the price do not match we may not be able to purchase it. When will you procure the stocks? Or it won't be shipped out? When will you procure the stocks for the product that we already paid for? At present, we have been saying that if we don't resolve the matter being put on hold, we can't consider accepting orders.
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連絡先を教えますので、直接 取引の話をして下さい。契約書の内容を見て問題がなければ、サインをします。しかし、在庫の内容と価格が合わない場合は、購入できない場合もあります。商品は、いつ出荷予定ですか。もしくは出荷されないですか。代金支払った商品は、いつ入荷ですか。現在 保留になっている案件を解決しないと、受注を考えられないと言っております。

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