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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Thank you for making payment for shipping on 19.12.19 however following a ne...

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Thank you for making payment for shipping on 19.12.19 however following a new security measure if payment has been made from a PayPal email address that is different to the one registered with us we are emailing the payees PayPal email address to ask them to verify that they have made the payment. Therefore your shipment is currently on hold at forward2me.

Please could you check your PayPal email inbox to locate our email and select the Yes button to confirm that you have initiated the payment so the transaction can be approved?

If we don't hear from you within 24 hours, we will presume that you haven't intiated this payment and will arrange to refund the payment.

I hope to receive the approval soon
Translated by shimauma
したがいまして、貴方の荷物は現在 forward2me で保留扱いとなっております。




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shimauma shimauma
静岡県出身、ドイツ在住のshimaumaと申します。英⇄日(TOEIC960レベル)、独⇄日(TELC B2レベル)に対応可能です。非ネイティブのブローク...