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[Translation from Japanese to English ] We have A and B. What are they in detail? I am asking you to check if B is el...

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sujiko Translated by sujiko
We have A and B. What are they in detail? I am asking you to check if B is eligible for evaluation of C. I talked with T yesterday and requested him checking.
But I need a reply of the checking immediately. Usually it is analyzed at D, but as we did not have time, we worked on it instead. I think that F usually does not occur at E. I am not in charge of this, and It is better for you to inquire R who is in charge of answering it. As for F, manager of the store was ill and he was late in checking the email. But he recovered perfectly this month. As it takes time if I check the transportation company and wait for its reply, I will send the same item again immediately.

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