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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Thanks for your reply. Well, I will email you the information to the address ...

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質問は確か、チェジュ島でドローンを飛行させる際、何か制限は有るのか?という質問だったと思います。空港周辺、軍施設周辺は当然飛行禁止だと考えますが、例えばMt.HallasanやNational Park内といった観光地は如何でしょうか・・・?


huihuimelon Translated by huihuimelon
Thank you for your reply. I will send you the information to the email address you gave me tomorrow then.
(The correct name of the festival is xx, sorry about that. )

I suppose the question was, if there are any restrictions for you to fly a drone in Jeju Island. As far as I’m concerned, in the vicinity of the airport and military facilities it is forbidden to fly a drone of course, but what about sightseeing sites such as Mt.Hallasan or inside of National Park..?

I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you.

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