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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The schedule delay is just what you pointed out. In addition to delay of G's...

atsuko-s Translated by atsuko-s
The schedule delay is just what you pointed out.
In addition to delay of G's information provision, it took more time than schedule for the task to receive B from A and record it.
It was because many errors of C happened.
All of our jobs will be completed by the end of today, so please let me arrange the schedule separately.
Also, F agreed to use E for D.
I think I will send you the updated version at the same time of rescheduling after complete the schedule adjustment. Would it be possible for you?
Currently, our account faces error, so it takes a lot of time to return the money.
We will go through the procedure and return all of money by August 7th.
So, I am very sorry for bothering you but would appreciate if you could wait for a while.
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