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kamitoki Translated by kamitoki takumi116 Translated by takumi116
Today I would like to look back on my accomplishments in 2018 and based on that, I want to mention what I will carry out in 2019.
What I have accomplished in 2018 are as follows.
I have consume 120 out of 180 days for my work in sales. 180 days is naturally the objective that must be achieved. In terms of money, 100K yen out of 200.
Next, the number of classes that I was in-charge of increased by 2, and I was able to handle the national language and math.
Everyone probably thinks that I only achieved 2 things but actually only 2 things come to mind.
These results are a problem and show that I was not able to grow in sales.
Now then, as a business, why is there is no growth?
As a result of me pondering, I have reached the conclusion that being private is a big reason.
I think that in 2018, being private is extremely unstable, hence there is a lack of concentration and endurance in everything. These are the main reasons that I am greatly involved in romance, however I am not obliged to speak more regarding this matter. I thought that I had worked hard in 2018 and the previous year but I when I reflected and tried to analyse this, I was shocked that I did not have as much of an achievement as I had expected. As a result, I had lost my confidence. Using these as a reference, I tried to think about my target for 2019.
Firstly, my top priority is to stabilise being private. Consequently, the following 3 points are important to me.
The first point is to get rid of stress as long as it is possible. For example, it is essential that by using the system of working from home, I can get rid of commuting stress.
This may be irrelevant but self-hug is effective in removing stress. It is simple to do. You would only need to maintain this state for only 3 seconds.
My next point is to exercise. It is especially effective in gaining muscles. The reason for exercising is because the brain matter that is obtainable through the process of acquiring muscles, is effective in increasing confidence. My third point is to have a good diet and good sleep. These are essential for maintaining a good state of mental health. I think a diet based on vegetables, a good bed and a quiet room that I want to sleep at is good.
Lastly, a chance encounter with a good partner. Personally, i think this is the most important, however that is all I am going to say here.
Next I would like to try to think about my target for my work in 2019.
As a daily target, I can think of the following. If one isn't good in English, this will deal a deadly blow to the business. It is essential that the chance to speak English should be created compulsorily. Consequently, I had suggested taking English conversation lessons during lunch. Even if I am busy with work, I think I can manage to find time a once per week, using the 1 hour lunch break to talk with an English teacher and creating a chance for me to actually speak English.
It is important that this be carried out during working hours. If this is the case, I think it becomes compulsory and is also effective.
Furthermore, I think I want to increase the chance for me to speak with my colleagues regarding technical issues. Even more so, I should share my knowledge in my brain with everyone.
Next, as a mid-term target, I want to strive to speak at a local, or possibly at an international conference. Furthermore, in order to think about how should my company progress and grow from now on, it is crucial that I learn about branding and management. For the sake of working as the assistant to the President, this is extremely important.
Lastly, as a long-term goal, I can think of the following.
First, I will develop my own products. This is especially crucial in carving my own niche. A successful business will carry my products. Of course, I would publicly reveal this product on the internet. Truth is i developed this product since I entered into it this year but lately I stopped development while my motivation did not rise. Secondly, I should seriously have my own specialty field. I think I will be able to achieve that by having my own product. I still have not decided exactly what I will do but at least this year I would like to be able to clearly talk about my resignation.

The above is my review of my 2018 and my goals for 2019.
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この結果は問題で,営業として成長できていないことを表しています では何故営業として何も成長できなかったのでしょうか?
2018年はプライベートが非常に不安定であらゆる事に対し集中力や持続力が欠けていたと思います。これの主な原因は私の恋愛が大きく関わっているのですが,これについて多くは語りません。2018年も前年同様それなりに頑張ったと思いましたが,振り返って分析してみると思ったよりも成果を残せていないことに自分でも驚いています。これによって自信を大きく失ってしまっています。 これらを踏まえて2019年の目標を考えてみます

次に中期的な目標として国内,もしくは国外の技術的なカンファレンスで登壇することを目指したいです。 また,当社が今後どのように成長していくべきか考えるためにブランディングや会社経営について学ぶ必要があります。これは今後社長の補佐を務めるために非常に重要なことです。


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