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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Apple has announced a programme to help human trafficking victims get behind-...

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Apple has announced a programme to help human trafficking victims get behind-the-scenes jobs at its stores.

The technology company has teamed up with an NGO that will help the victims pass interviews for caretaker and landscaping posts among other roles.

The individuals will not be identified to Apple and will be employed by its suppliers rather than directly. But it intends to monitor the initiative.

The announcement coincides with the company winning the Stop Slavery Award.

The prize was given by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and accepted by Apple's retail chief Angela Ahrendts in London.

It recognises companies that are at the forefront of efforts to combat forced labour in supply chains. Judges praised the Apple's "extremely robust" audit programme and the fact it had "openly shared its learnings with the public".

Unilever's chief executive, Paul Polman, was also presented with an award in recognition of the work he had done.

But one campaign group described the decision to honour Apple as "a joke".

"Apple may be doing more compared to other companies but that is because it has the resources to do so," said Li Qiang, executive director of China Labor Watch.

"Though we have only just started, we see huge opportunity to be a beacon of hope for trafficking survivors integrating them into our retail team," Ms Ahrendts said in her acceptance speech.
"However, Apple isn't doing enough, as forced labour persists in its suppliers' factories in China."

"These efforts are just a part of a broader set of initiatives to eliminate modern slavery from every part of our company, in every part of the world."

Other examples of Apple's efforts include a ban on contractors withholding their workers' passports or otherwise forcing staff to work until they have paid off a debt.

Ms Ahrendts said audits carried out to check for workers being wrongfully charged recruitment fees to secure their posts had resulted in it making suppliers return over $30m (£23m) to more than 35,000 people over the past decade.
kumako-gohara Translated by kumako-gohara sujiko Translated by sujiko
個人はAppleに特定されず、直接ではなくサプライヤーに雇用されます。 ただ、イニシアティブを監視します。
この賞はトムソン・ロイター財団によって与えられ、ロンドンにあるAppleの小売店長Angela Ahrendtsに受け入れられました。
これによって、会社がサプライチェーンにおける強制労働に取り組む努力の最前線にあることが認められたことになります。 判事は、アップルの「超強靭な」監査プログラムと「大衆との習得のシェア」を絶賛しました。



「弊社はスタートしたばかりだがトラフィキングの被害者たちの希望となる巨大な機会があり、被害者たちを弊社のリテールのチームへ参加させます」と受領演説で発言したのはアヘレンドツ氏でした。 「しかし、アップルは十分に活動していない。サプライヤーの工場で強制労働が温在していますので。」



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