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[Translation from English to Japanese ] It wasn't late, it was always scheduled to be then. When you're moving 9,000 ...

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It wasn't late, it was always scheduled to be then. When you're moving 9,000 people, you don't do it in one day. We're one of the last groups. It's a loaded and significant event because it meant leaving a studio that has decades of history, where we designed and built first prototypes. This is the studio I went back to on the day that Steve died. And it's the place where we figured out the iPhone and the iPod.

No, I think that this is a very powerful computer, with a range of very sophisticated sensors, that is strapped to my wrist. That's neither very descriptive nor very helpful.
We've never been in the same studio. If all we were doing was changing where we sat, and apart from that there was an expectation that we would retain the status quo, I would be enormously concerned, but it couldn't be more different. Moving to Apple Park represents the coming together, at last, of these different areas of creative expertise that are incredibly diverse. I'm fairly confident that this has never happened before, to have industrial designers next to font designers, next to prototypers, next to haptic experts. The best haptic experts in the world are sat next to a bunch of guys who have PhDs in material science. You and I share the same perspective and we had this same challenge with the product that we called the iPhone. Clearly the capability of the iPhone extends way beyond the function of what we would traditionally call a phone.

If you genuinely have a concern for humanity, you will be preoccupied with trying to understand the implications, the consequences of creating something that hasn't existed before. I think it's part of the culture at Apple to believe that there is a responsibility that doesn't end when you ship a product.
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いや、これは私の手首に巻き付いている大変洗練されたセンサー領域を伴う非常にパワフルなコンピューターだと思います。非常に破壊的あるいは非常に役立つ、いずれでもありません。 私たちが同じスタジオにいることは一度もありませんでした。私たちがやっていたことが単に座る場所を変えるだけだったのであれば、それを除くと現状を維持するだろうという期待があり私も大変心配していたと思いますが、大して変わらなかったでしょう。Apple Parkに引っ越すことは少なくとも非常に多様化したクリエイティブな専門技術の様々な領域に一緒にやってくることを表しています。フォントデザイナー、試作品、触覚技術のエキスパートの次に、業界デザイナーを持ってくるということなどは今まで一度もなかったということについてはかなり自信があります。最も優れた世界の触覚技術のエキスパート達は材料科学で博士号を持つ集団の横に座っていますよ。 あなた方も私もiPhoneと言う名の製品に対し共通した観念を持ち、また共に挑戦してきました。明らかにiPohoneの能力というものは、通常我々が携帯電話と呼ぶものをずっと卓越したものです。


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