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First off you, we greatly appreciate your interest in buying stuff on our site. However, it was so bad that there was an Unpaid Item case filed by the seller, not a problem because we can fix this especially if it is not your fault.

When I reviewed the entire transaction, I found out that you did communicate with the seller and try to complete your payment. I guess the seller does not know what to do or in short, does not know what they are doing.

I can conclude that this is not your fault and with it, we can easily remove the Unpaid Item case - if and only if it is close.

Considering that the case is still open, the best thing we can do to step in or intervene is to work with the seller on your behalf. Do not worry because I already contacted the seller and informed them to exempt you from the case then provided them the steps how to close the case. I also told them that, you as the buyer, is not deserving to get an Unpaid Item case and I educated them how to properly file an Unpaid Item case.

For now, you do not have anything else to do but to wait for them to close the case manually. I am confident that they will close it especially that we (eBay), is the one notifying them about proper procedure of this Unpaid Item subject.

If in case the seller will not close it manually, do not worry because the case will automatically close within 36 days leaving you no bad record or strike. Once this case automatically closes, you can contact us back and verify if it has been removed. Again, you do not have to worry because we absolutely remove this case if the buyer does not deserve to get such record and this case should be removed.

I trust that contacting the seller clearly explains to you and worth helpful in closing the Unpaid Item case - we will do it for you. Likewise you, I would like to thank you for trusting us about your concern and for being a part of eBay community. We are very proud to have you doing business with us, keep it up!

Thank you for trusting us. We value your business with eBay. Take care and have a great day!

I am more than happy to help you with this matter.

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セラーが手動でケースを閉じない場合も、ご心配無用です。あなたにとって悪い記録や影響を残すことなく、ケースは自動的に36日以内にクローズされます。 自動的にケースが閉じられた後、再度私どもにご連絡いただければ取り消し確認をいたします。再度申し上げますが、バイヤーに適切でない記録がついた場合、弊社は確実にケースを抹消いたします。このケースは消されるべきです。





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