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For orders over 2500 EUR net value, the delivery term would be FOB (otherwise ex works). That would mean that you will pay the whole transport costs for orders below 2500 EUR net value. For orders over 2500 EUR net value, Theo Klein is paying the fees until delivery FOB port in Hamburg / Rotterdam / Bremen (or if airfreight shipment until FOB Frankfurt). For smaller orders (below 2500 EUR) a parcel delivery door-to-door (at your costs) would be possible. However, for larger orders (over 2500 EUR), we think that the volume would be quite big for a parcel delivery and we would suggest delivery by forwarding agent.
Translated by shimauma
正味価格2500ユーロを超えるオーダーについては、配送条件がFOB(2500ユーロ未満の場合はex works)になります。
正味価格2500ユーロを超えるオーダーについては、ハンブルク/ロッテルダム/ブレーメンのFOB港までの料金を、Theo Kleinが支払います(航空便であれば、FOBフランクフルト)。少量のオーダー(2500ユーロ未満)の場合は、ドアツードア(料金は貴方負担で)の宅配便がご利用可能です。

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