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[Translation from English to Japanese ] We got your order and were eager to pack it and ship it off to you. However, ...

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We got your order and were eager to pack it and ship it off to you. However, we ran into an unfortunate issue and feel super bad about it! We are back ordered on one of the Merkur Safety Razor Box that you ordered. We try to keep our inventory up to date but if we are off in the least, these things can happen. We should have this item back in stock in the next 2-3 weeks at which time we will get your missing item shipped out to you at no additional cost. We did not want to delay shipping the rest of your order, so we will be shipping that today. If for any reason you prefer a refund or would like to choose a similar item in it's place that we currently have in stock so you do not have to wait, please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.
Translated by shimauma
貴方からの発注をうけ、梱包の上、発送するつもりでした。しかし残念ながら、問題が発生してしまいました。大変申し訳ありません!ご注文のMerkur Safety Razor Boxは現在取り寄せ中です。最新の在庫を管理するよう努めていますが、在庫切れの際、このような事が起こる場合があります。本商品は、2、3週間で入荷予定です。入荷次第、追加料金なしで発送させていただきます。

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shimauma shimauma
静岡県出身、ドイツ在住のshimaumaと申します。英⇄日(TOEIC960レベル)、独⇄日(TELC B2レベル)に対応可能です。非ネイティブのブローク...