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(ii) independently developed by the receiving party; (iii) publicly disclosed by the disclosing party; (iv) rightfully received by the receiving party from a third party without restrictions on disclosure; (v) approved for unrestricted release or unrestricted disclosure by the disclosing party; or (vi) produced or disclosed pursuant to applicable laws, regulations or court order, provided the receiving party has given the disclosing party prompt notice of such request so that the disclosing party has an opportunity to defend, limit or protect such production or disclosure.
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(ii)被開示者が独自に開発した(iii)開示者によって公知となった(iv) 開示の制限なく第三者から被開示者が合法的に受け取った(v)開示者によって制限されずに発表または公開された(vi)適用法、規制、裁判命令に従い制作または開示したもの、ただし、被開示者は、開示者が当該制作または開示を守り、制限、保護するために、開示者に当該要請を直ちに通知したもの。

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