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ka28310 Translated by ka28310
Dear Paul.
How are you? I am sorry for having bothered you a lot the other day. My action that I told my close friend about my daughter triggered unexpected event which returned to me, so I was really puzzled, I am really sorry for you despite that you willingly accepted my daughter's home stay.
Only less than a week has been left before my daughter starts home stay. She is looking forward to it very much. She is enjoying selecting souvenir which she brings to you.
Incidentally, do Paul and Kelly have any allergy to any specific foods? She would like to bring some Japanese snacks as souvenir. Also. please tell me any Japanese snack and products which you are interested in, if you are.
Thank you in advance.
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ところで、Paulさんやkelyは食物アレルギーは無いでしょうか?日本のお菓子などもお土産に持って行きたいのですが。 また、Paulさんが好きな日本のお菓子や興味のある物などがあれば教えてください。

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