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[Translation from Japanese to English ] As my parents have moved repeatedly in Japan and abroad due to their transfer...

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It is vague. To point at using one's most favorite character depend on community and join various own values in oneself.
Cultured person. In an academic atmosphere with students most of who are good scientifically, to talk merrily stories of Shogi or Haiku (it is like a Japanese poem to tell impression by reading one's experience with 5. 7. 5 in rhyme), to have violin or art appreciation hobbies in front of friends. He is familiarly called a culture person. My father loved classical music, and he always listened the complete works of Sarasate in his car. In Sarasate's works, Zigeunerweisen which describes a melody of Gypsy was a special tune for me that reminded me a word "exotic". I've been learning violin, so I've listened and played many other music. But still, there are no other music which makes me have strong nostalgic feeling with young sensitivity all together,except the one from the complete works of Sarasate I listened in my old days. I managed to become skillful enough to play Zigeunerweisen when I was a high school student, and I played the tune in a concert. The shoe strings of my first shoes when I got into elementary school.
I was emotionally involved very much in anything that were belonged to me since I was a child, and I strongly felt the bond with them. Once, my parent threw away my shoe strings without my permission because it got old. I ran down to the garbage dump from a room of my apartment with crying soon after I knew it. Then I opened the garbage bag, and brought back the shoe strings sneakily. My family repeatedly moved one place to another when I was a child, and I had to give up many things for that. So, the shoe strings is one of my few treasures that reminds me my good old days, it brings back to my mind that I used to run around with the shoes. "Que Sera, Sera" is my favorite motto. That means "whatever will be, will be", so it suggests not to think too much. Most of the cases, our extreme anxiety for the future is the cause that prevents our brain from working smoothly. We can ease the tension by habitually trying to act like a person who can accepts any consequences whether it's good or bad.
I always mutter to oneself "Que Sera, Sera", and take a deep breath to make relax from my shoulders to waist ,and try to do my best as much as I can at my performance. Is the background sky overlooked when a man looks up at a bird?
From”Bird” by Tatsuji Miyoshi.
This asks us whether we can keep an eye on the wind caused by flapping wings or the tiny changes caused by the wind. This phrase powerfully stands out in my memory coupled with the vividness of the contrast of colors when I picture it in my mind, and sounds a warning not to lose sight of a big picture always when I engage in a small thing.
Notebook where scene on the road is observed
"Kogengaku" is a study where we search real life of those who live there by observing and recording custom of the town where we live. It is not an ideas of abstract but shows spirit of Japanese folklore that increases what is analyzed by returning to observing it. Even if I do not travel, when I walk in the town, I have a notebook, and record expression of the people, object with unique shape and a scene where I was moved. When I see this notebook in case where I cannot move forward in working on intellectual work, two items that do not seem to be related are connected sometimes. I would like to give solutions by means fundamentally rather than present ways via businesses by studying interdisciplinary sociology or cognitive science education, to see structural reasons of various issues occurring in human, especially its mind in the present world.

I would like to study though cultural comparison, how individual "mind" influences in language, philosophy and geographic differences. I would like to study future study on the field as professor L, who is my model person, is specialized on D and does integral study of each field of from S to R. I believe to be able to show solutions for various issues happening in the current world by developing studying sociology from theoretically different angle. I was given career guide by many graduates working for the government and in the third sector when I was a high school student, and while profiting, companies which can increase activity size exponentially is essential to give a big impact to society.
Duke's startup intern for T offers many implementing learning opportunities and also, like K, for both education and implement, many lineup of richly experienced professors in wide range of field is intriguing. Due to influence of the parents, I have been speaking Chinese since I was small. The Chinese and Japanese are my native languages. As I found that even personality and taste are those of the different person when I stay in the area the 2 languages are spoken, I increased the concern that language and culture define even "mind", which made me start researching the sociology. As I can obtain information from the contents of the 2 language zones (I was in English speaking zone after junior high school), I do not belong to either of them deeply, but the attitude to see the culture relatively has been created since I was small. I believe that it is a merit in researching comparison of culture. As my parents have moved repeatedly in Japan and abroad due to their transfer of work since I was small, the community we have belonged to changed often. I became close to those around my family in a short time, and as a result of which, I developed a skill of communication to survive in the community as a child.
The debate brought me an ability and expression skill of critical thinking that is my ego. Reading has given me the knowledge to handle the problem in any field. The fact that I touched base of the Japanese culture through the manner of Shogi (Japanese chess) taught me how important it is to behave in good manner at each time we meet people. It also made me open the eye to spiritual aspect of any physical phenomenon.
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文化人。周りの殆どが理数系に強い生徒である学園環境の中、将棋や俳句(自分の経験を5・7・5の音律で読み、感動を伝える日本版の詩のようなもの)、バイオリンや美術鑑賞を趣味にもち、よく友人らの前でその話を嬉々として話すため。親しみを込めて文化人と呼ばれている。 クラシック音楽好きの父親がいつも車の中でかけていたサラサーテ全集。特にその中のジプシーの旋律を描いたツィゴイネルワイゼンは僕にとってエキゾチックという言葉を代表する曲だった。バイオリンを習っている僕はその後もたくさんの曲に触れたが、この時の全集の中の曲ほど幼い感性と渾然一体となって強い郷愁の感情を喚起するものはない。高校になって演奏技術がようやく追いついた頃に演奏会でツィゴイネルワイゼンを演奏した 小学校に上がって最初に履いていた靴の靴紐。
僕はいつもケセラセラとつぶやいて深呼吸し、肩から腰にかけての力を抜くことで、自分が左右できる範囲において最高のパフォーマンスを実現できるように努める。 人は仰いで鳥を見るとき その背景の空を見落とさないであろうか
from 三好達治「鳥鶏」
これははためく翼が起こす風や、その風が水面に起こす小さな変化にも目を配ることができるか。ということを我々に問いかけている。このフレーズを脳裏に思い描いた時の色彩のコントラストの鮮やかさも相まって、強烈に印象に残り、一つの小さなものに没頭するときに常に全体像を見失わないようにという警句を僕に鳴らした。 路上考現学をした観察ノート
“Kogengaku”とは我々の生活する街の習俗を観察記録することでそこに住む人の素顔を探る学問である。抽象論ではなく、物自体の観察に立ち返り分析対象を増やす日本の民俗学精神をよく表している。僕は特別に旅をしていなくても普段から街を歩くときはノートを持ち歩き、人々の表情や面白い形のオブジェクト、感情が動いたシーンを記録している。知的作業で詰まったときにこのノートを眺めると、関係ないように見える二つのことが結びつくことがある。 ハーバードで学際的な社会学や認知科学の教育を受け、現在世界中で人間、特にその心によって引き起こされている諸問題の構造的原因を見抜き、起業を通して現在取られているやり方より根源的なやり方で解決策を与えたい

文化比較を通して見出す個人の「心」が言語や哲学、地理的背景の違いによりどのように影響されるのかを考察したい。Dを専門とするL教授 がSからRまで各分野を統合した研究を行っているのはまさに僕にとってのモデルパーソンでありこの分野における研究の展望を教わりたい。 社会学の学習を進めることで現在世界で起こっている諸問題をより理論的な別の角度からの解決策を提示できると信じている。高校時代に政府や第三セクターに務める多くの卒業生にキャリア指導をいただいたが、利益を出しながら活動の規模を指数関数的に増やすことのできる起業は社会に大きなインパクトを与える上で不可欠だ。
DukeのTにおけるStartup Internは多くの実地研修の機会を提供し、また、Kのように実践と教育の両方において豊富な経験を抱える教授陣が分野横断的に多く揃っており魅力的だ


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