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World's first Japan's rolled omelette in a can!

The all-time favourite rolled omelette in Japan’s cuisine will become world’s first canned omelette! This will be a collaboration with Kyoto’s old and famous omelette shop, the rolled omelette will be so delicious that you will not even realise it is from a can. Of course, Japan’s produced eggs will be used. In addition, konbu and bonito will be used for the flavours such that when you eat the omelette, you will never think that is canned.

You can now eat Japan's rolled omelette everytime and everywhere!

Canned rolled omelette is very convenient to carry around and will last longer. You can now consume delicious Japan's rolled omelette anytime and anywhere you want.

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日本一直一来最受欢迎的煎蛋卷将会成为世界第一的罐装煎蛋卷! 我们会和kyoto's 公司和一些著名的蛋卷店共同合作。 这个煎蛋卷好吃到让你爱不释手。当然,这个煎蛋卷我们会选用日本的新鲜鸡蛋制造,另外,我们还会使用昆布和鲣鱼等不同食材去增加不同的口味去满足顾客的需求,当你吃的时候你不会觉得是这是罐装煎蛋卷。
罐装煎蛋卷非常方便携带和它的保质期十分的长。 现在你可以在任何地方任何时间段都能买到这种非常好吃的日本煎蛋卷。

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