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[Translation from English to Japanese ] I am XXX, person in charge for Export sales to Japan. YYY is a true market ...

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I am XXX, person in charge for Export sales to Japan.

YYY is a true market leader in screwdriving tools and technology and has been making outstanding tools for ZZZ years now.

I understand that you are interested in our range of products. Renowned customers from the Japanese trade are our long time partners. One of them is AAA might be able to serve you from their stock. AAA is an authorized direct importer of YYY for many years.

YYY tools are selling very successfully in the Japanese market. The brand is gaining a tremendous popularity among users.

Are you still interested in commercializing YYY brand and need more information? Ms. BBB, President of AAA will get in touch with you after receiving this Email.
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YYYブランドの商品化に依然ご興味をお持ちで、さらに詳しい情報は必要でしょうか? AAA社長のBBBさんがこのメールを受信したのち、あなたに連絡させて頂く予定です。

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