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sujiko Translated by sujiko
(Crisis control)
When we proceed globalization, what we cannot avoid is a risk where we might be a victim of accident, disaster and terrorist attack abroad.

Of course, we understand itinerary of those who go abroad on business by filing in advance.
However, we have been under the situation where, for example, it has been difficult to check the safety of the employee if an accident occurs on holiday immediately.

Therefore, this time we decided to suggest a travel agency that offers a service where we can control the history of passport requested on the website as is listed below. By this service, controllers who registered can check if the employee is in the area where the risk occurred immediately if they have an environment to see the website.
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そこでこの度、依頼した旅券の履歴を以下の様にWeb上で一覧管理できるサービスを提供している旅行代理店を社内に提案することにしました。 これにより登録した管理者はWebが閲覧できる環境さえあれば、リスクの発生した地域に社員が居るか否か直ぐに把握することが出来ます。


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