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Experience deep relaxation in seconds with BioSonics precision-tested tuning forks.

Reduce Stress
Increase Blood flow
Enhance Mental Clarity
Improve Immune Response

BioSonics tuning forks are simple and easy to use and the results are miraculous! Sound alters our biochemistry and enhances all energy therapy practices.

For weighted BioSonics tuning forks (Including Ottol 28, Otto 64, Otto 32, Om Tuner, and Planetary Tuners)

You can use your weighted tuning forks on specific points of the body:
1. Find the exact point using whatever method is appropriate.
2. Place your index finger on the point.
3. Tap the fork on your knee (or the palm of your hand.)

4. Bring the fork to your index finger and simultaneously slide your index finger away while bringing the base of the tuning fork stem onto the point.
5. In general, it is always good to place your free hand somewhere else on the body.

Here are three specific points to use your weighted BioSonics tuning forks:

1. Place the tuning fork on your sternum, your chest bone. Feel the vibration and imagine your heart softening.
2. Place the tuning fork on your third eye - the space between and just above your eyes. Close your eyes and feel the vibration move through your cranium.
3. Place the tuning fork on your sacrum, the bone at the base of your spine. Close your eyes and feel the vibration move through your lower pelvis

Who uses BioSonics Tuning Forks?
What was once only available to healing arts practitioners is now available to anyone! Regardless of your occupation, BioSonics precision-tested tuning forks will become an invaluable part of your life. Executives, stay-at-home moms, athletes, physicians, yoga practitioners and people across all walks of life are using our tuning forks to relieve stress, enhance mental clarity and increase energy. Also, massage therapists, and energy and body work practitioners use tuning forks to enhance their work.

When do you use BioSonics Tuning Forks?
Keep them by your bed and use them before you go to sleep to relax from a busy day.
Keep a set in your desk at work and use them before and/or after stressful meetings or phone calls. Use your tuning forks anytime you want to center yourself and experience an incredible calming sensation throughout your body.

How do these Tuning Forks work?
BioSonics tuning forks are sound healing tools used to alter the biochemistry of your body. By bringing your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance, our tuning forks rhythmically align to your body's natural state. Once you bring your body back to its natural rhythm, you can maintain a state of optimal health and enjoy all the resulting benefits.

How do you use BioSonics Tuning Forks?

Although each BioSonics tuning fork is uniquely designed to address different areas of physical, mental and spiritual health, they each follow the same basic principles.

For non-weighted BioSonics tuning forks
(Including Body Tuners, Solar Harmonic Spectrum, Angel Tuners, and Crystal Tuners)

For the knee tap gently tap the flat side of the tuning fork below your kneecap. Do not hit your kneecap. All it takes is a gentle firm tap and your tuning fork will sound. Bring the forks slowly to your ears, about three to six inches from your ear canal, and listen to the sounds. (Note: If you do not want to top the forks on your knees you can tap them on a hockey puck or on carpet.)

Hold your tuning forks by the stem with moderate pressure — not too light and not too loose.

Do not put the tuning forks near your ear canal when using the "tap together" technique.

The second way to sound your tuning forks is to tap them together. Hold them by the stems with only moderate pressure and tap them together on their edges, not the flat side of the prongs. You do not have to use a lot of force. Play with creating an easy sounding tap versus a banging tap when too much force is used. When you tap then together the tuning forks will sound overtones. Move the tuning forks around slowly and fast in the air and listen to the different tones as they get louder and softer
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重りの付いたBoiSonicsの音叉( オットー28Hz, オットー64Hz, オットー32Hz, OMチューナー, プラネタリーチューナーが含まれる)

3.膝の上(または、手のひらの上)でフォークを叩いてください。 4. 音叉を人差し指に当て、同時に音叉の持ち手を保持しながら人差し指を音叉の根元から先端までスライドさせます。
5. 空いている側の手は身体のどこかに触れていることが望ましいです。


1. 音叉を胸の骨、つまり胸骨上に当てます。振動を感じながら、気持ちが安らいでいくことを感じてください。
2. 音叉を第三の目の上、つまり、両目の間の少し上の箇所に音叉を当てます。目を閉じて、頭蓋骨に振動が伝わることを感じてください。
3. 脊柱の根元の骨となる仙骨に音叉を当てます。目を閉じて音叉の振動があなたの骨盤に伝わっていくことを感じてください。

ベッドのそばに置いておき、寝る前に忙しかった1日からリラックスするために使いましょう。 仕事でデスクにセットをして、ストレスの多い会議や電話の前後に使用してください。集中したいときはいつでも音叉を使って、あなたの身体を通して素晴らしく心安らぐ感覚を体験して見てください。

バイオソニックス社の音叉は健康的なヒーリングのツールで身体の生化学を追及して使用されます。神経システム、筋緊張、器官に調和的なバランスをもたらすことによって、弊社の音叉がリズミカルにあなたの身体を自然な状態に調整してくれます。いったん自然なリズムに身体が戻れば、最高の健康状態を維持することが出来、全てのそれらの恩恵を楽しむことができます。 各バイオソニック音叉は、身体、メンタルや精神の健康の異なる領域に作用するようにデザインされていますが、同じ基本原則に従っています。


膝打ちでは、膝小僧の下を音叉の平坦面がやさしく打ちます。膝小僧は打たないでください。必要なことは、やさしくしっかり打つことで、これにより音叉が鳴ります。フォークを外耳道から3~6インチの距離までゆっくり持って行き、音を聞いてください。(注意:膝の上でフォークに蓋をかぶせたくない場合は、ホッキーパックやカーペットの上で打つことが出来ます。) ほどよい圧力で音叉の柄を掴んでください。軽すぎず緩めすぎないでください。



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