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[Translation from Japanese to English ] As for the answer about whether the person should get married or not, Paul sa...

scintillar Translated by scintillar
As for the answer about whether the person should get married or not, Paul said, not as an order but as advice, that the bachelor's life is preferable.
Marriage is a blessing. However, in order to deal with such a problem characteristic to Corinthians about whether sexual desire is right or not, Paolo is proceeding with marriage so as to avoid unchastity. In order not to have sexual intercourse as a bachelor, he says that you should get married.

If this is a complete success, it will save the troubled people of the world. Due to the absolutely needy countries and the circumstances of countries, they want to lose their poverty.
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絶対成功するなら、世界の困っている人を助けたい。 絶対的に貧しい国や国の情勢による貧困を失くしたい。 

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