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I am very upset to tell you, there is a problem with Liling.. I finished her hair and wet it(like I always do) and picked her up tonight to put her eyelashes and eyebrows on, and the dye in the mohair ran and stained her face. It is Susan Nagal mohair, one of the best, and is expensive suppose to be premium hair. I tried to get pictures of it for you, hope you can see them.
I can either credit you , and put her deposit toward Bonnie, OR I will buy another kit and try to find mohair somewhere else. I can start Bonnie a while as I have her hair to root.. and Liling will be done later, OR you can put your deposit on another doll if you have one you would like?
Translated by shimauma
非常に残念なことをお知らせしなくてはなりません。Lilingに問題が発生しました。彼女の髪の毛を作り終え、濡らしたのですが(いつもやっているように)、今夜彼女にまつげとまゆげを付けようととしたところ、モヘアの染色が落ち、顔が汚れてしまいました。モヘアはSusan Nagalのもので、最高の品質を誇る高級なものですので、素晴らしい髪の毛になるはずです。写真を撮りましたので、ご覧ください。

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