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[Translation from Japanese to English ] He said that he sent them to convey the message that God clarified via Jesus ...

hhanyu7 Translated by hhanyu7
God sent out the disciples to tell people what God revealed through Jesus.
Fear and uneasiness. It is written in 19th verse that the disciples “were afraid of the Jews.” Lord’s disciples locked the door in fear of the Jews. From Jews’ perspective, Christians were something like betrayers who abandoned the traditional the faith of Judaism and converted to a new religion. For Jews who believe the one God, Christ’s words and actions might have been unacceptable.
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恐れと不安   19節には、弟子達が「ユダヤ人を恐れていた」と記されています。主の弟子たちは、ユダヤ人を恐れて、戸を閉めていたのです。ユダヤ人からみれば、クリスチャンは、伝統的なユダヤ教信仰を放棄して、新興宗教に改宗した裏切り者たちという感じでしょう。唯一の神を信じるユダヤ人にとって、キリストの言動は、受けいれがたいものであったことでしょう。

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