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[Translation from Japanese to English ] A fact that four chapters out of nine chapters are based on Genesis emphasize...

hhanyu7 Translated by hhanyu7
A fact that four chapters out of nine chapters are based on Genesis emphasizes the importance of this book to understand the crucial specifications in the entire bible and the biblical theology.
In Chapter 5, he tells about Moses. He sets Template as a mediator between God and Man. Likewise, he is a typical follower of Lord, the leader of people. As expected, Moses’ critical role could not be limited to one chapter and his role in this story is explored further the 6th chapter. A focus in the chapter is on Sinai as well as the subsequent trip to the wilderness.
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第5章では、モーゼについて語ります。彼はテンプレートを神と人の間のmediatorに設定します。同様に、彼は、人々のリーダーでもあるLordの典型的な信奉者です。予想通り、モーゼの重要な役割は一つの章に限定されることはできず、 物語での彼の役割は第6章でさらに探られます。ここでは、焦点はSinaiと以降の荒野旅行に当てられます。

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