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AW has been doing theatre since he was very young. He studied acting, directing, and playwriting at York University in Toronto. He briefly pursued a career as an actor, appearing in roles such as Garcin in No Exit, Benedick and Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing, and Henry V in Henry V.

Since arriving in Japan in 2003, he's appeared in IR's XX as well as many smaller productions.

AW joined YTG as Artistic Director in 2006. Although he initially directed shows, AW returned to acting with his original play 39 in 2010, which he toured to three cities in Canada. Since then, AW's focus has shifted to the creation of new shows, like 2015's KGS, and to the building of an ensemble to work on the shows.
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AWは若いころから舞台を経験しています。トロントのYork大学で演技、演出と脚本を学びました。No ExitのGarcin、から騒ぎのDogberryやヘンリー5世でのヘンリー5世など、短期間役者としての経験を積みました。



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