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[Translation from Japanese to English ] It is a little bit surprising news! It seems that I have been chosen as a can...

ka28310 Translated by ka28310
It is a little bit surprising news! It seems that I have been chosen as a candidate for the inquest of prosecution system. The inquest of prosecution system is that 11 members of inquest of prosecution committee, chosen among nations by lot, make judgement whether it was proper or not for procurator to have not prosecuted the accused. The probability to be chosen is one per 14,000 (0.0007%), I heard. I I I also heard that those who can refuse this is federal officers, educators and the aged over 70 year old.
I just wish the call date should not be during my summer vacation. If I would be chosen for something, I would have preferred a lottery.
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I have been working in semiconductor system LSI design and verification business field for many years.
I will try my best to translate Japanese/En...

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