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When the return delivery is made we ask that you return to the eBay Resolution Center within 3 days of confirmed delivery and issue your buyer the $XX refund so we may close the case.

If you chose to send money, you will need to provide me with the PayPal Transaction ID, the date the payment was sent, the currency and the amount of the payment within a reply to this email.

This message has been forwarded to your personal email account ( from which you can respond with attached documentation. Please do not change the subject line as it will help the message get routed directly to us. You can attach up to 5 files at a time (not to exceed more than 5 MB in total size).
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返送品が配達されたら、3日以内にeBay 解決センターに戻りバイヤーに$XX返金すればケースをクローズできます。



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