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あなたが偽物と思っている以上、提案の余地はないかもしれませんが、最後に一度お考えください。 また、私はあなたがこのギターをフェンダー社に送っていただいても構わないと思っています。フェンダー社に送付する際に、送付日、支店名、担当部署、連絡先等を私に教えてください。通常であれば、シリアルナンバーから辿って本物だと判定されると思っています。しかし、アメリカのFender社でFender JapanのExclusiveモデルの追跡や調査が可能なのかは自信がありません。「分からない」という回答があっても「偽物」という回答を受けることはないと思っていますが。

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I understood what you said. I know this is genuine, but it is difficult to prove it. If you don't want to have this item, I accept return to solve this issue at soonest.
Provided that, I'd like to make proposal at last. You said this guitar was previously available at a price $200 cheaper. I'd like to offer partial refund of $230. I lost money this way, but considering return cost that's acceptable.
As long as you consider it fake, there might be no room for my proposal, but please kindly consider it for final decision.
Also, I'm fine if you send this guitar to Fender. When sending it to Fender, please let me know shipping date, branch name, department in charge and contact information. I think normally it should be proven as genuine from the serial number. However, I'm not sure if US Fender can track or investigate on Fender Japan exclusive model. I don't think they will reply saying it's "fake", while they might answer "cannot be found".
Also, instead of sending it to Fender, I believe that f you bring it to instruments shop and have it appraised by a professional, it will be judged as genuine from looking at pick guard taken off, around head and condition around serial number. However, it will take very long for you to do that. None of us benefit from taking long solving the issue and using guitar while you are not convinced, and that's against our will, so I'd like to end this issue within eBay by accepting return or making partial refund.

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