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返品の案件が解決しましたので報告いたします。(Return ID:xxxxxx )
Return ID:xxxxxxをクローズしていただけますでしょうか。

私のお客様の主な主張は、腕時計が女物であり、サイズが合わないので返品してほしいということでした。実際には、調べた結果、腕時計は男物で間違いなく、サイズも商品の写真にて示していました。 しかし、お客様のサイズも合わないようですし、お客様を主張を受け入れ、私は返品を受け入れました。
その後、お客様がフロリダから国外への腕時計の郵送は違法のようで、発送できなかったと言われました。私はその違法性を確認しきれませんでしたが、早期の問題解決のため、代金の一部をpaypal経由で返金することでお客様と合意しました。 (ebayでは一部返金の選択が既にできませんでした。paypalの該当アイテムの状態も保留となっており、返金の選択ができませんでした。お客様満足度を考え、お客様とのやり取りをスムーズに進めるため、paypal上で、該当アイテムについて返金ではなく、改めて送金というかたちを取りました。)
現在まだReturn ID:xxxxxxがそのまま残っているため、クローズしていただきたく存じます。
Translated by gabrielueda
Dear person in charge at eBay,
I would like to inform that the case of product return has been solved (Return ID: xxxxxx)
Could you please close the Return ID xxxxxx, please?
Also, if possible, I would like my "defects" to be deleted as well.

Below are the details of how we dealt with this problem.
The main complaint by the client was that the wristwatch was women's, and therefore the size did not match, so he wanted to return it. But actually, according to our investigation, it was actually a men's watch, and the size was also displayed in the product image.
However, it seems that the size does not match the client, so I accepted the client's claim and took the product back.
After that, the client told that he could not ship it to me, because mailing wristwatches from Florida to overseas was illegal. I was not able to verify that legality, but in order to solve the problem faster, I agreed with the client to make a partial refund via PayPal.
(at that point, I was already unable to choose the option of partial refund on eBay. The status of the item is also "On hold", so I could not choose the option of refund. But then I thought about the client's satisfaction, and in order to have a smooth negotiation, instead of issuing a refund for the item on PayPal, I chose to make another deposit.)

With this support, I received many words of gratitude from the client, and the problem was solved.

At the moment, the Return ID xxxxxx still remains, so I would really appreciate if you can close it for me.

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