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「DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2015 "FEVER"」 会場限定キャンペーンが決定!!

2015/10/4(日) 大阪国際会議場 グランキューブ大阪 メインホール 13:30頃~
2015/10/6(火) 神戸国際会館 こくさいホール 15:00頃~
2015/10/10(土) 福岡サンパレス ホテル&ホール 14;30頃~
2015/10/11(日) 福岡サンパレス ホテル&ホール 13:30頃~

The limited venue campaign of "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2015 'FEVER'" was decided!!

At Osaka International Convention Center on Oct. 4 (Sun), 2015 from about 13:30-
At Kobe International Hall on Oct. 6 (Tues), 2015 from about 15:00-
At Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall on Oct. 10 (Sat), 2015 from about 14:30-
At Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall on Oct. 11 (Sun), 2015 from about 13:30-

2015/10/13(火) サンポートホール高松 大ホール 15:00頃~
2015/10/16(金) 本多の森ホール 15:00頃~
2015/10/17(土) サントミューゼ(上田市交流文化芸術センター) 14;30頃~
2015/10/28(水) 大宮ソニックシティ 大ホール 15:00頃~
2015/10/31(土) ニトリ文化ホール 14;30頃~
2015/11/3(火) 新潟テルサ 13:30頃~
2015/11/12(木) 中野サンプラザ 15:00頃~

2015/10/13 (Tue) Sunport Hall Takamatsu, Main Hall, from 15:00~
2015/10/16 (Fri) Hondamori Hall, from 15:00
2015/10/17 (Sat) Santo Myuze (Ueda Performing Arts and Cultural Center), from 14:30~ 
2015/10/28 (Wed) Omiya Sonic City, Great Hall, from 15:00~
2015/10/31 (Sat) Nitori Bunka Hall, from 14:30~
2015/11/3 (Tue) Niigata Terrsa, from 13:30~
2015/11/12 (Thu) Nakano Sun Plaza, from 15:00~

2015/11/13(金) 中野サンプラザ 15:00頃~


2015/11/13 (Fri) Nakano Sun Plaza, from 15:00~
*Please note that sales time at the venues can change without prior notice.

*Please note that starting time of CD sales can change without prior notice.
*Please restrain from staying at the venue overnight, as it causes trouble to the residents in the vicinity.
*There is a limited number of goods on sale and winning prizes. The sales may end at any time.


*When you purchase the items, we do not issue you a refund. We appreciate your understanding in advance. We will exchange the item with defect with the one without defect.
*Please pay for the cost of the item and postage charges in full during reservation.
*Payment are to be made in cash only. We do not accept payment by credit card.


*Please follow the instructions and precautions from the staff. If you do not follow the instructions, you might be denied from entering. In addition, the sponsor of the event does not take any responsibility for a trouble caused by not following staff's instructions and precautions inside the venue.
*Resales are strictly forbidden.
*Due to various circumstances, there is a possibility that contents of the event may be changed or even cancelled.



Please note that you are not allowed to cancel your reserving and purchasing goods even in that case.

0570-064-414 (weekdays only from 11:00 to 18:00)


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