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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Of course, I have known you before my watching A. I watched B before this mo...

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shimauma Translated by shimauma
Of course, I had known you before I saw the movie A. I had seen the movie B before this movie and was surprised to see how you've grown up! Thank you for coming to Japan for the promotion of the movie C. I really wanted to go to the red carpet event but couldn't win it in the drawing. In Japan, you usually have to win it in a drawing to go and see a red carpet event. Later, I read an article about your interview in the Internet. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed shopping in Japan. I think the movie is loved by both adults and children.

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shimauma shimauma
静岡県出身、ドイツ在住のshimaumaと申します。英⇄日(TOEIC960レベル)、独⇄日(TELC B2レベル)に対応可能です。非ネイティブのブローク...