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[Translation from Japanese to English ] In addition, "100 famous mountains" are not chosen from all prefectures, and ...

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"Japan Hyakumei Mountains" is the most famous essay of mountains written by Fukada Kyuya.
He has "dignity/history/personality" because he has experienced climbing through many Japanese mountains. And he laid down a criterion for the mountains more than 1,500 meters above sea level as a rule, then "Japan Hyakumei Mountains" is after pruning away.

There is a criterion for pruning below.
The first criterion is the mountain should be a splendid one which was recognized by everyone's admiration because he believes that mountains has "the dignity of mountains" like dignity of human.
- "the history of a mountain" - He respected the history of the mountains that had close relationships with people already from ancient times so that there would be a small shrine on the top of the mountain where people came to worship, so he made this his second criterion [for choosing mountains for his essay].
- "the specific character of a mountain" - His third criterion consisted of approaching a mountain as a piece of art, which would have some specific form, some specific phenomena pertaining to it or some specific tradition related to it, so that taken together they would form a clear individual quality of the piece.

And the absolute requirement was that "Fukuda himself climbed this mountain," because ever since his youth and for the following 50 years he has climbed a great number of mountains and many of them he knew quite well and was confident about this. At Meiji Shrine Gyoen, there is " Kiyomasa no I" a well of spring water which is rare in city.
The temperature is around 15 degrees in all seasons and water gushes 60 liters per 1 minute.
The well has called " Kiyomasa no Ido" since long ago. Kiyomasa Kato sinked this well by himself when he owned his house here. He was a general and a professional of building castles or reclamations. He was called " The god of civill engineer".
It had has not been cleared where is the source and how water is coming for a long time. According to one explanation, people believed that one special technical skill made water gushed out, and there might be the way of the pooled water spouted naturally.
Then that became a legend that only Kiyomasa called "Construction God" could make such special well.
In 1938, it proved to be natural spring water by investigation of souse, but it is unclear whether Kiyomasa himself dug the well.
However, there are many other legends in this area, so it says there will be a close connection.
Meiji Shrine, most amount people paying their first visit of the year, is a shrine that dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife.
After Emperor Meiji's death, it was built by a national movement of his worshipers in 1920.

The huge forest of shrine where an oasis for the center of city was not there originally, they were planted with hope to being a natural forest in 100 years when the shrine was built.

2020 is the centennial of Meiji Shrine, but forest have grown quite fast pace, it has not taken 100 years yet but forest is complete.

There are many votive picture tablets hang on the big tree with a enclosing rope. That should be, Meji Shrine is located at the joint of Ryumyaku (the route where air flows in the ground) heading for the Imperial Palace from Mt Fuji. It is said to be a strong power spot full of air of the land.

One feature of Meiji Shrine is that there is no "paper fortune" telling good or bad luck, which many shrines have. So people will not tie their paper forture on the branches of the shrine.
Instead, they draw the lotteries and take them to their homes as "large mind", and read them again.
The poetry and waka (Japanese verse) of the Emperor and the explanation of them are written on this lottery. In addition, "100 famous mountains" are not chosen from all prefectures, and there are 16 prefectures in western Japan without famous mountain. The writer said it is smilar feelings between the writer choose the mountains from all passing grade mountains and examiners fail a lovely student.
In Japan, there is "100 Famous Japan Mountains Boom" and it still continues to know the charm of mountains in Japan that you have ever known before through this book, and also to climb these mountains by themsevles.
Using this book, the bible to climbers, as a starting point, it is great to climb your favorite Japanese mountains.
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日本の多くの山を踏破した本人の経験から、「品格・歴史・個性」を兼ね備え、かつ原則として標高1,500 m以上の山という基準を設け、剪定したものが『日本百名山』である。

- "山の品格" - 人には人格があるように、山には『山格』のようなものがあるとし、誰が見ても立派な山だと感嘆する山であることを、第一の基準とした。

- "山の歴史" - 昔から人間との関わりが深く、崇拝され山頂に祠が祀られている山であるというような山の歴史を尊重し、第二の基準とした。
- "個性のある山" - 芸術作品と同様に、山容・現象・伝統など他には無いような顕著な個性をもっていることを、第三の基準とした。
また、「深田本人が登頂した山であること」が絶対条件となっており、少年の頃から約50年の間に相当数の山に登っていて多くの山を知っている点に自信を持っていた。 明治神宮の御苑の中に、清正井という都会では珍しい湧水の井戸があります。

しかし、他にもこの地には多くの清正伝説があることから、何かしら関係は深いものがあるだろうと伝えられています。 初詣の参拝者数日本一の明治神宮は、明治天皇と皇后を祀る神社です。


しめ縄をされた大きな御神木の周りには数多くの絵馬がかけられています。 それもそのはず、目地神宮は富士山から皇居へ向かう龍脈(地中を流れる気のルート)が合流する土地にあり、大地の気がみなぎる強力なパワースポットにあたると言われています。


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