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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Kawakoshi Tsuneshige will be laying a foundation in 1244, and it's the temple...

kanemo Translated by kanemo
This is the temple where Tunesige Kawagoe opened as the person who laid the foundation.
Here was old training hall of Buddhism and changed from Tendaisyu to Soutousyu in 1535.
(It is said while generally Mahayana Buddhism (Kengyo) is broadly teaching people using words and character, Buddhism teaching extremely mystic and symbolic doctrine.
When Ieyasu Tokugawa came to kanntou area,they got misyuin jyugoku ,he stopped by for the hunting with falcons.

※when you come to this temple such as weekend or Obon which many perishioners come,please be careful.
On mountain gate it is written Kunsyu sanmon ni iruwo yurusazu(smelly vesitable and sake will prevent Buddhism training ,so don't bring them to the temple)

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