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以下のサイトはAdsense Banされてませんか?

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- Posted at 01 Jan 2015 at 03:46
Request (regarding Google image search)

I have a request. I would be very pleased if you could implement a function in which a watermark appears on the image when someone searches an image. The plugins below related already exist, but the management screen gets very heavy and it's not practical.

Is the website below with Adsense Ban?
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Translation / English
- Posted at 01 Jan 2015 at 04:36
Request on Google image search

Here is a request. I would appreciate it if you added a function which enables me to install Watermark when applying Google imamge search. Actually those kinds of plugins listed the below already exist but it's not practical because they make dashboards/administration screens so slow.

Do the cites listed below get "Adsense Ban"?

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