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[Translation from Japanese to English ] 1. To be referred to as only one name, WrapTherapy™ was submitted for tradema...

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1. To be referred to as only one name, WrapTherapy™ was submitted for trademark registration (registration number 5524891). Its objective is to spread the purpose of wrap therapy. And truly understand the essence of wrap therapy, please feel free to try it.

2. Categories of bed sores
Bed sores can be classified from degrees 1-4 by their depth (NPUAP / EPUAP classification). There is a more detailed classification, however, the shallow bed sores (1st and 2nd degree) and the deep bed sores (3rd and 4th degree). Although it is a more complicated classification method, it is easier to understand if separated like that.
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2. 褥創の分類

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