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Approaches to radiotherapy
Approaches to radiotherapy include: EBRT (External Beam Radiation Therapy) that irradiates the body from the outside and sealed source radiotherapy, a treatment that irradiates tissues directly by inserting radiation into cavities like the esophagus and uterus. While there are treatments using only one method, there is also a therapy that combines both methods for treatment. The most widely used approach is the one in which EBRT is used solely for treatment.
I will also give a short summary in regards to unsealed radioisotope treatments. EBRT (External Beam Radiation Therapy)
Apparatus used for EBRT include: Microtron and Linear accelerators which use X rays to accelerate electrons and draw electron beams. These are called high energy treatment devices and started to become widespread by the 60's. Before that, low energy X ray treatment was mainly used, but such devices, rather than targeting visceral portions of the body where cancer is located, caused severe inflammation by concentrating to much radiation on the skin's surface while simultaneously not providing enough radiation to effectively treat cancer sites.
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