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Character length limits
Please pay close attention to the length of the text you’re translating. Although we’re aware that some languages just need more space, as a general easy-to-remember rule, the translation shouldn’t be longer than the original English copy. For details, see the document XXX.doc.

Translating video subtitles
Please pay attention to the timing – each segment in an srt file has a timecode with a start and an end time. The end time of a segment must be before the start time of the next segment. While this should actually be correct in the transcript, please check.
There’s no need to add line breaks to video subtitle translations.

Read the copy guidelines above
The copy guidelines above also apply to translated text, so please familiarize yourself with them.

If you have a question, please ask!
We’re aware that not everyone is as deeply into our products as we are. If you’re not sure about something, or have a question, please use the Dialogue function in Agito and get in touch. It’s much easier to answer a direct question than fix issues in a finished translation.
pompomprin Translated by pompomprin

タイミングに注意してください。srt (字幕)ファイルには、各セグメントに開始、終了時刻とともにタイムコードがついています。セグメントの終了時刻は次のセグメントの開始時刻の前でなければなりません。台本においてはこれが正確であるべきですが、確認してください。


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