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[Translation from Japanese to English ] The job was determined by roulette by accident, but it is interesting that it...

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I know the nickname of hers! (XX) often makes fun of (XX) or relies on (XX). They have been together the longest. I'm sure they have an easy relationship.
(XX) says "AA" to (XX) many times. lol He/She repeatedly said which annoyed her. lol
And what shall I say... When she is hushing up with (A) and (B), they look like good friends, which makes me smile. But when she is with (C), they look like a senior couple, don't they?
If it is natural for them just to be together, even if they don't hush up, I am very fond of their relations! I feel a strong trust, rather than a passionate love.
Having said that, I like the A/B and C coupling too. Hmm, I like her too much.

Sorry if you already know this, but in the Game of Life, we can choose jobs. When they played that, __ was a pastry chef, ____ was a police officer, ___ was a doctor, and ____ was a corporate employee. You probably drew that in your fan illustration.
By the way, in the last half of the game, ___ became a sports player and ___ became a gambler. Though they chose their professions with a roulette, they just matches their character. How interesting! lol

Yes, (XX) had his/her rib cracked one month ago. I hear he/she has already recovered, but I'm still worried about him/her.

By the way, have you listened their live program?
I hear (XX) is really good at snowboarding and can do "ground trick". I hear he can swim the butterfly, too. He has great reflexes, doesn't he? I was surprised to know that, because he is usually a slow-tempo person.

Let's talk again!
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騒いだりしなくても、一緒にいるのが当たり前な彼女らの関係が大好きです! 熱烈な愛情というよりも、深い信頼を感じます。

ちなみに、ゲーム後半では【人名】はスポーツ選手に、【人名】はギャンブラーになりました。 職業はルーレットで偶然決まったものですが、何となく彼らの性格にマッチしていて面白いですねw




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