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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Let me check with you: Two of ""RBZ TOUR 10.5 HEAD" have been ordered. "Mat...

sweetnaoken Translated by sweetnaoken
Let me check with you:
Two of ""RBZ TOUR 10.5 HEAD" have been ordered.
"Matrix HD White Radix" and "Fuel 60S" have been shipped.
Two head covers have arrived at the address in FL.
Is "RBZ HEAD" with them?

On the replacement "R1 V2" head, it hasn't arrived yet.
I didn't order Matrix shaft last time, so I wonder if you have mixed up with another client's order.
Please check the tracking # because it hasn't arrived at the address in FL yet.
Thank you.
User's Request Text
"RBZ TOUR 10.5 HEAD"(2個)が発送済。
"Matrix HD White Radix"とFuel 60S"も出荷済。
フロリダの住所にHead Coversが2個到着していますが、RBZ HEADも含まれていますか?

代わりの"R1 V2"ヘッドですが、未到着です。

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