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[Translation from English to Japanese ] YTG is making a new show, and we need some more performers. The show will be...

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YTG is making a new show, and we need some more performers.

The show will be performed in a private home in late July or early August. It will be scripted in rehearsal by the performers. There are 21 rehearsals before show week, so we're looking for people who can commit to those. Please visit XXX for more details on how the rehearsals work (English only, for now, sorry-- but contact us for more details!).

We're not just looking for performers, but also artists of other disciplines (visual, dance, music, etc.) who want to be involved. English is not required, although a basic level will be useful.

If there are a large number of applicants, there will be 1 audition day.

Use our ::CONTACT FORM:: to sign up!
14pon Translated by 14pon
YTG が新しいショーを作ります。パフォーマー若干名募集。





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