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kawaii Translated by kawaii
I worked on the following issues yesterday.

- I read the documents.
- I checked out the source code and worked on it with the local environment.
- It worked well without any issues and the test was executed without any issues.

Further, I noticed that opening the pages took for a long time. So I looked into the cause for it. The cause was due to the multiple API requests. For instance, in order to open the top page, its API will be used for 10 times each time. I have found a solution for it so I'd like to request you to review it. Is it necessary to create a JIRA ticket for it?
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* ドキュエメントを読んだ
* ソースコードをチェックアウトし、ローカル環境で動かした
* それは問題なく動き、テストも全て問題なく実行できた


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