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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] 3 ・Sales growth opportunities through value-added products and earnings ・En...

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・Sales growth opportunities through value-added products and earnings
・Enhancing profitability by reducing distribution costs
・Avoiding supplier risk
・Reusing of surplus assets
・Technology application
・The product lineup of original or order-made products through adding high-value product development
・Traceability grants: through the visualization of production management systems, the grant for quality, freshness, and sense of security
・Granting the same pricelevel competitiveness for products (by reducing distribution costs)
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・商品付加価値の向上による 売上拡大機会の獲得
・流通コスト削減による 収益体質の強化
・オリジナルまたはオーダー メイド商品の開発による 高付加価値商品の品揃え
・トレーサビリティの付与、生産管理体制の可視化による 品質・鮮度への安心感の付与

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