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2,000 yen per hour
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Senior Japanese → English
I can translate any kind of document from Japanese to English. I can work fast if there is a deadline, but at the same time, I don't wish to sacrifice the quality of my translations over speed.
I have experience in translating Engineering, Financial and Academic documents and business manuals. I can also translate official forms. I can do news articles, stories and similar reading materials as well. I am very good in English.
I will normally respond to emails from 6 pm JST onwards during weekdays, and anytime between 8 am to 11 pm on weekends and holidays.

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Over 8 years ago
English (native) Japanese Tagalog
Culture Finance Machinery Medical Comics Travel Law
20 hours / week
I have worked with Japanese-speaking employees and in a Japanese language environment for almost ten years. Translating from Japanese to English is also a hobby and I have been doing it since I started studying Japanese back in 2002.

上級日本語の英訳、漫画やアニメ、文学、ゲーム、金融用語、エンジニアリングや医学用語など、色んな分野の英訳を趣味や仕事としてやっています。 また大学で専門の一つとして英語文法と英語の言語学を研究したので、英訳された記事などの校正もできます。