An action game,
"Beast Breakers"

Conyac's human translation
for game apps

The translation competition was implemented together with Conyac.
Through translation contests. we select translators who are enthusiastic and understand the world-view of the works

[Beast Breakers] a Full-scale Action Game for Smartphones, and a Translation Contest held for Translators of Japanese to English and Japanese to Korean.
【Contest Summary】

The contest was held by taking snippets of storyline and dialogue from the game [Beast Breakers], which was used as trial translation request. Contestant translators were judged on the basis of votes from Conyac translators and the two companies Tayutau (a mobile game developer), and anydooR.inc. After which one translator for each language was selected for the official translation.

【Contest Benefits】

Through Conyac, over 128,000 members of the Conyac translator community were able to connect with clients. Translators who enjoy video games and people who have an interest in game translation got to participate in the contest and by doing so were able to help select highly motivated translators. This made it possible to distribute a product that users all around the world can enjoy together, each all in their own local language.

Conyac is the Answer to your many Translation and Localization Needs!

"You want to translate an oversea game into Japanese and market it in Japan"
"I went through the effort of making this app, so of course I want to release it overseas as well."
"I'd like to take advantage of localization, but I don't know where to start."
At times like these, leave it to Conyac.

I'd like a translation in a language other than Chinese, Korean or English.
While English to Japanese and vice versa are our standard practice, Conyac can handle many other languages as well. Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, French, German and more.
I don't know very much about the country whose language I want to translate into.
At Conyac we don't just specialize in translation but also localization. Our specialists will provide support with a comprehensive approach to overseas exportation and will also take care of overseas business research.
Im worried about the subtle nuances in my game being translated correctly.
Conyac is devoted to providing a translation that suites your game. In addition, it is possible to hold a translation contest for your game.

Conyac's translation is not just replacing words

Game localization experience

Picola Inc.
Fluff ~Cat Collector~(iOS/Android)


Localization of a casual game, "moyashibito"


An action game, "Beast Breakers"


Price List

Request contents Work contents Price
Translation We provide the translation of the game,
which expressed the perfect world of the game
and understandable for local players.
Price per character
US$0.06〜 per character
(Source languages for translation: Japanese, Chinese and Korean.)

US$0.015〜 per character
(Source languages for translation: Languages other than Japanese, Chinese and Korean.)
Translation check Native translators do double check. Price per character
US$0.04〜 per character
(Source languages for translation: Japanese, Chinese and Korean.)

US$0.01〜 per character
(Source languages for translation: Languages other than Japanese, Chinese and Korean.)
Overseas promotion Preparation of the English version press release
Delivery to 300 media outlets overseas
Creating multilingual sites Translation of small Japanese-language sites ¥200,000~
Creating multilingual articles Creating approximately 1,000-character blog entries ¥7,000~
Overseas research Surveys of 100 freelancers overseas etc. will be supported
Translator contest By holding a translator contest, we can select the proper translator and help spread awareness of the app. will be supported