Conyac users assemble at Jinbocho in Tokyo! Event Report of "Conyac Translator Users' Exchange Meeting Vol.2!"

29 Jun 2015 at 14:20

On Friday June 12 2015, "Conyac Translator Users' Exchange Meeting Vol.2" was held at Editory Jinbocho, the Co-Working Space at Jinbocho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo. Nearly 50 users of Conyac Translator assembled to this event. It was such a warming up meeting that it almost blew away the damp rainy season. Today I would like to show you how the event progressed!

First, participants gathered in groups of their language pairs to break the ice

As soon as the door opened at 18:30, the users of Conyac Translator came one after another. Among them were those who also had attended the previous meeting, and those who had become acquainted with the management staffs through the translation project. Many of them were pretty nervous at first. However, the members of each group speak the same language. So they talked with each other on various topics including foreign countries and language study. Their conversation never stopped! Most of them were translators of Japanese <--> English language. However, the members of Southeast Asian language group and the European language group also had lively talks. 

There were sparse people in the venue when the door opened. When the meeting started, however, it was filled with many participants! At the appointed time, the chairperson explained about the agenda of the day. This event had all sorts of contents, including intercommunication between users, the talk session with skillful translators, and a significant announcement of the future of Conyac.

Participants enjoyed delicious catering! At meal time, exchange between users reached the climax!

After the ice break in the groups of same translation language pairs, it is a much-awaited meal time. For this event, Mirai Shokudo prepared a special catering meal of Conyac style. Some people discuss the management of Conyac with the management staffs. Others choose dishes and eat with members of the same group. All the participants licked their lips over the delicious meal. In the Conyac users’ event, each participant has a name tag with his/her Conyac account name on. Many of the participants saw the name tags each other and surprised, saying, "Oh, you are XX san!"

Exchange opinions about translation in the talk session with three skillful translators

Currently 50,000 translators/ bilingual users belong to Conyac. Each of them has different level and specialty. As a special feature of this event, we had a talk session with three skillful translators. They talked about their tips of translation and utilization of Conyac, and shared their ideas with us. 

They gave us very beneficial talks, such as the point of medical translation where specialized knowledge is necessary, and how to select ReShare articles. Everyone was listening to their talks about abundant translation history and experience of staying abroad, using listening sounds.

This session also had a question-and-answer time. In addition, the listeners could have an opportunity to see and hold comic books and novels translated by a Japanese <--> Indonesian translator, which was fairly interactive.


Announcement of the new feature by our CEO and taking photo of all participants

After the talk session and the following free time, our CEO Yamada made an important announcement about the future of Conyac. The details will be revealed later, so please look forward to it.


Communicate with other users of Conyac on off-line more easily

This exchange event was held after a period of one year and a half of the previous event. Conyac will hold this kind of event more periodically in future in order to promote the off-line intercommunication of users. 

Finally, we took a photo of all participants. Three and a half hours of meeting closed in the blink of an eye. 

Thank you very much for your participation!!


Please look forward to the next exchange meeting!

The followings are the comments from the participants. Please do not hesitate to come to our next Conyac Exchange Meeting, even if you haven't participated before. We will be happy to see you. 

  • I had a very good time talking with other translators and management staffs. 
  • I enjoyed talking with translators only whose account names I knew before. 
  • The talk session was good. I could listen to the talks of professional translators, which was very informative. 

If you have requests of the next event such as "Please hold an event in this place" or "Please hold an event of this contents", please contact us via . Your opinions will be helpful. 

Please look forward to our next event! We appreciate your support for Conyac in the future.